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Noah Webster School

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Grace Lutheran Church is a handicapped accessible facility, and welcomes all who are physically challenged.

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Grace is the Place!

"God's Grace is the heart of Grace"

By the grace of God, we are a Lutheran congregation,
diverse in worship, Christ-centered in fellowship,
committed to prayer, deepening of faith,
and the stewardship of the gospel and God's world.

We focus on the cross by nurturing faith (Matt.28:19-20)
and serving others (Matt.25:34-36).

Welcome to Grace Lutheran Church!

Sunday Worship
9:30am - Holy Communion (Prayers for Healing on the First Sunday)
11:00am - "Second Hour" Hospitality and Christian Education for All Ages

Friday Worship
6:00 - 7:30pm - Free Supper Gathering, Prayers, and Holy Communion

Mission Statement

For more information or directions, please call us at
(860) 527-7792.