Reading/Tutoring program at Noah Webster School

First graders at the Noah Webster School on Whitney Street, Hartford, are in need of extra instruction in reading. First-graders are being tutored by volunteers in a program that runs five days a week from 8:30am to 10:00am. Each volunteer meets one-on-one for about 25 minutes, so the tutor sees three children within that time period. The program has been very successful and most students have made good improvement. It is now being expanded to include second graders. There is a need for volunteers to work with children in the second grade. The times cited above will also apply to the second grade children.

Children are chosen to be tutored by the classroom teachers. The reading materials are available, well-organized and each child has a folder so the tutor can record progress, observations, etc. For the most part, the tutor will listen to the child read, do some work on fluency and comprehension and give the child some attention. The packet of materials for each book the child reads is self-explanatory and there is a brief orientation session before tutors work with the children. Most tutors come one morning a week, though everyone is welcome to come more often.

The Noah Webster Community-School project is a priority of the Greater Hartford Interfaith Coalition for Equity and Justice (ICEJ), it is hoped that each congregation will participate in the tutoring program. Taks force chair Bette Marafino has seen the program at work and says, "The children are adorable and eager to learn!"

If you would like more information about the program, please contact the office at Grace (860-527-7792), or call Bette at 860-233-1989. Her email address is

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